Indiana Jones 5

Heard that Harrison Ford held out doing the new Star Wars so he could secure Indiana Jones 5. Good for him. I think another Indy movie with Harrison Ford is absolutely necessary. I personally didn't hate Crystal Skull, but it is by far my least favorite of the series and not a good exit.
After Ford hangs up the hat, I personally would like to see someone else in the role- possibly Hugh Jackman in a balls to the wall Indiana Jones movie like Raiders or Temple. Phone Post 3.0

They'd have to make Indy 4 first. I don't know what this Crystal Skull movie people keep talking about is. Indy ended with LC. Phone Post 3.0

Didn't crystal skull have some retarded alien ending? Phone Post

They weren't aliens...they were "inter-dimensional beings" Phone Post 3.0

If Sly Stallone can fix Rocky after Rocky 5, Speilberg and Harrison Ford can fix Indy. The first part of that seems to be telling George Lucas no repeatedly.

Dear God, if Shia takes the franchise like Spielberg/Lucas wanted him to, kill me now. Phone Post

Just let him die already. Indy deserves better than this. Phone Post

The first half of the movie was decent, despite a couple of goofy scenes (the fridge). I thought everything set at Indy's college was excellent. (They should have ran over that faggot gate guard though) Unfortunately the rest of it was goofy, boring, and barely made any sense.

The best part of the original films was the 80s special effects. Crystal Skull tried to hard to make cool effects and the story blew. Phone Post 3.0

DaveFu makes a good point. I think Rocky 5 is unwatchable and 6 was a solid recovery and ending. Crystal Skull is definitely cheesy at parts and the story is much weaker than the first three, but at least it is watchable. I definitely prefer it to Die Hard 4 or 5, Alien vs. Predator...
No doubt Spielberg and Ford can cap off the series with a kick ass 5. No disrespect to Lucas but they definitely need to keep him in check otherwise Indy will be fighting Howard the Duck. Phone Post 3.0

Another chance to have a movie with a George Lucas-inspired plot? SIGN ME UP.