Indiana Teens Murdered, Victim Records Video


Two Teenage girls were found murdered in a park in Indiana. The police have released a still and a section of audio with the suspect saying "Down the hill." Hopefully this will help lead to an arrest.


What is interesting is the case shows similarities to a double murder that happened in my area of NE Iowa. Two girls went missing in Evansdale IA and their bodies were found later in a wooded park outside of town. If you saw the documentary "Who Took Johnny" about the abduction of Johnny Gosh, his mother visits the parents of one of the girls before their bodies were found.


I find just the short clip of audio super disturbing. I can't imagine what the family is going threw. I hope this fuck is found soon.

read about that yesterday, she was like 13, too sad to want to listen to the audio. ruined my day.


Info about the two girls from Iowa

ISP reported 3900 tips came in yesterday. Hope this scumfuck is found and tortured.



Fucking creepy audio, short but still is creepy..

of course it's sad. furthermore, one was still alive while the other was killed. Think on that. What she was thinking, what she saw, what she knew was going to happen to her next. wonder if they'll say they were molested first. 

The only photo they have of the suspect is from one of the girls phones like they knew he was up to no good.


Fuck, I haven't heard this info yet.

Fucking cunt!. Poor kids. 

Heard about this the other day as I am from Ohio. The audio kind of creeped me out and I could not stop wondering what his reasoning was for saying "down the hill". Hope this scumbag piece of shit is found quickly. 

Poor girls. I guess I am lucky to be a male, but I still CCW most of the time. I wish this fucker had run into someone who could have fought back.


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ttt and RIP little girls! :(

Interesting development here at work. A guy who I work with was caught on camera stealing a bunch of stuff from auction companies here in the mid west. Someone noticed he had the same jacket as the guy in the video from the Indiana case. He also lives two blocks from the bike trail were the two girls from Iowa went missing. The Sheriff and FBI were looking though his stuff last night.

I've looked at images from both videos and they are wearing similar clothing, but the guy in the Indiana video looks different to me. Either way I thought it was interesting and worth an update on this thread.

Holy shit.

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Here is a link to an article. Check the comments.

I'm actually surprised an arrest hasn't been made since the OP