Indonesia and the ivermectin donation the goverment wrecked…

Indonesia has 270 million people and very little Covid — or at least, it didn’t. It turns out a philanthropist was dishing out ivermectin in one of the “largest ivermectin markets worldwide”. Then the government took it over, insisted on clinical trials, and slowed it down, as governments do. Cases rose from 7,000 cases a day on June 12th to 50,000 cases a day by July 18th.

Looking at the success of Covid in India, Mexico and Peru as well, how many days of lockdown could have been avoided if Australia used cheap antivirals? Not only could the latest NSW outbreak be crushed sooner, but if one limo driver had used ivermectin — it might never have started.

How much does Big-Bureaucracy hate cheap out-of-patent drugs?

Two weeks after the clinical trials began, Ivermectin and a whole rash of antiviral drugs was suddenly given emergency approval. Perhaps there was panic?

July 15th; BPOM Approves Ivermectin as Covid-19 Therapeutic Drug

But the Bureaucrats must be under a lot of pressure as the world turns its eye on them. Just hours ago they added a convoluted qualifier saying[ that this was all temporary for an emergencies sake], and ivermectin still needed trials, and only their officials could hand it out. We’ll never know, but if a Big Pharma representative was getting worried that the world might witness another ivermectin success, we could imagine them pulling strings for safety (and profit’s) sake. This is the sort of foggy statement that would make life easier for Big Pharma trolls. BPOM hasn’t approved it. Ivermectin still needs trials…

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Does Power & Vaccine Politics Lead to State Usurpation of Ivermectin License?

As it turns out, Indonesia during the pandemic has been home to one of the largest, most dynamic, yet borderline illegal ivermectin markets worldwide, targeting the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. That’s because an enterprising, well-known entrepreneur in his 70s capitalized on growing demand in the world’s fourth-most populated nation with the onset of the pandemic over a year ago. In what seems like an inadvertent, almost haphazard move by the central government to exploit positive sales growth of the drug actually appears to be far more about usurping control from the marketplace—and the people—restricting access to the drug and importantly, appeasing global influencers, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and various governments that may be positioning vaccines, for example. How else can such a rollercoaster of a story unfold, one where what appears to be a healthy supply of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 people coupled with a surprisingly stable management of the COVID-19 pandemic to a case where the supply became absolutely constrained directly in parallel with the most massive spike of the pandemic starting in June of 2021.

Instead of a medal, The Indonesian government gave the donor a very hard time:

Rebecca Weisser, Spectator

…in Indonesia where an enterprising philanthropist, Haryoseno, leapt into action and made ivermectin available to the masses for free or at low cost. As a result, Indonesia has had an extremely low Covid mortality rate. That is until the Ministry of Health decided, in line with the WHO’s recommendation, that ivermectin would only be used in a clinical trial. Haryoseno has been threatened with a fine and a ten-year jail sentence and the supply of ivermectin has dried up. Result? Deaths per million have increased five-fold since withdrawal of ivermectin on 12 June.

It is legal for Australian doctors to prescribe ivermectin “off label” (meaning for non-standard uses). Even the Minister for Health said so:


THey want people to die

Just like most diseases lately in modern medicine, they want a treatment instead of a “cure”… if everyone had ivermectin, this shit would be over quickly!

The wonder drug that disappeared

My summary of Ivermectin

If you only email friends one link — make it this story. It’s the biggest medical scandal since 1850

Why is a cheap safe drug being ignored?* Could it be that there would be no medical emergency and no need to rush out other riskier new treatments which are still classed as “experimental” if there was a safe alternative? There are billions of reasons to ask this question but newspapers wouldn’t publish the story. In desperation, some Americans are going to court to get rulings to order doctors to use Ivermectin on their loved ones. Even if they win, sometimes hospitals still refuse to use it on patients with few options left. One family hired a helicopter to take their mother away from intensive care in a hospital that refused to give Ivermectin (and had a happy ending). The debate is so suppressed, there are rumours the US President was treated with it in secret last year.

Ivermectin has also been used, with apparent success in India, Peru and Mexico. Covid cases fell in the states of India that approved Ivermectin use but rose in Tamil Nadu where it wasn’t permitted. Despite the success, India’s Health dept suddenly stopped Ivermectin use again and people in India are suing the WHO in disgust. In Peru, Ivermectin cut covid deaths by 75% in 6 weeks

The FDA and others will say there is little evidence of success so far, but that’s a scandal in itself. Why are there no large trials? And why are other drugs like Remdesivir approved with only one trial? Ivermectin is so safe some 3.7 billion doses have already been used around the world. The inventors won a Nobel Prize for its discovery in 2015. We’ve known it might be useful since April last year, when an Australian group searched through many cheap safe drugs looking for any that might help against Covid. The news then was “Another possible cure for coronavirus, found in sheep dip: Ivermectin”. This was just a lab study, and it suggested doses would need to be too high. Even so, successes keep turning up in the real world? By July last year there were already signs Ivermectin could save as many as 50%. *Why were large trials not started then?

For peer reviewed studies read: The BIG Ivermectin Review:

That link is very biased and doesn’t explain why these studies are not taken seriously.

“By July last year there were already signs Ivermectin could save as many as 50%. *Why were large trials not started then?”

lol. It’s because the experts who would do these trials don’t agree a prophylactic can prevent covid. There is some evidence that it can be used as a therapeutic if taken early.

“And why are other drugs like Remdesivir approved with only one trial?”

Because it was a real trial, double blind randomized with placebo.

"Ivermectin is so safe some 3.7 billion doses have already been used around the world.

No one is doubting it is safe. Like HCQ, there is not enough proof showing it even works to justify taking it.

How would indonesia benefit from paying for expensive first world drugs when something cheaper is readily available?