Induction Rice Cookers

Anybody know about these things? About $150 more than my regular cooker. Are they worth the extra $$?

I don't know anything about induction rice cookers, but my wife got a rice cooker as a Christmas gift one year.

It's packed up in storage in the basement.

waste of dinero

the $10-$20 are perfect

tf does "induction" mean to rice?

brutha, go w/ the bubang chalgama for like 150-200. it will CRUSH any 10-20 buck pos. reason: pressure cooked rice ftw.

"Dear god 250 dollars!? I hope you eat rice daily."


You mean you don't???

LOL AT A JAPANESE THAT DOESN'T EAT RICE DAILY. more like, how many times a day? :)

World's most expensive appliance to cook the world's least expensive food. Makes sense to me. :)

don't ask moke how much he spent on his blender.


...besides, now I have two of them

...dang n00b...been here for 5 weeks and has 30,000 posts...sheesh ;)