"INFERNO" - worth watching?

It's replaying on directv tonight and I haven't seen it.

Any recommendations?

no shame

dammit, will someone gimme an answer? it starts in 15 minutes. is it worth the late PPV or not?

no shame

p.s. striker18 has promised sexual favors to any male who responds to this.

Don't waste your money-I wish I hadn't. This was one of Pride's worst cards I have ever seen, with no fights that were exciting at all to me. Especially if you already know the results, which I would think you must by now-save your money for next month, with UFC, a new pride, and K-1!

thanks, esch!

I don't watch K-1, but the Pride and UFC next month should be worthwhile.

Contact striker18 for the sexual favors.

no shame

i'll have to pass on the favors-after all, I'll be saving my money as well for next month!!