Infinite Crisis Questions

First off, IC was da suck.

DC editors thought DC/Heroes were getting too dark so they did this series, but issues 4, 6 and 7 were some of the darkest DC stories I've read!

Anyway, decided to re-read the series this weekend in hopes of it not sucking as much upon further reading, so I had some questions (spoilers in there):

Countdown to IC:

Blue Beetle looks at his broken goggles and sees 'Skeets' and he shows it to Booster. But all they see is a tiny electronic pin. How did Beetle recognize it as Skeets?

IC #1 - who was doing the narration in the beginning of the comic? Right after the scene with Connor, Kal-L says something and the narration says "I hope he's wrong" so that proves its not Kal-L, but then at the end of the comic, it shows the narrator as Kal-L...WTF?

IC #3 - Spectre crushes Atlantis...what happened to Atlantis now?

Luthor says "Call Faust to get Nightshade", I thought Faust was a good guy, why would he be working with Luthor?

IC #4 - It says that Vic was shot in the back by Jim Corrigan...isnt Jim the original Spectre? Isnt he dead and in Heaven now?

When Bart is pushing Superboy with Flash and Jay, Jay drops off, then Flash disappears and tells Linda he is leaving, she asks if it is the speed force and he said its something else...then when Barry appears he tells Bart that Wally's waiting for him (Bart) so they all go in the speed force...but isnt Wally somewhere else?.

Alexander said that he had Superboy move planets to that OA is not the center anymore....then Superboy must be a lot more power than Kal-L and Kal-El.

IC #6 - GL's ring was 'scared' of Blue Beetle...why?
Why is Blue Beetle the only one who could see OMAC? GL's ring should have been able to see different dimensions.

IC 7 - Ok, both Supermen pushed Superboy into Krypton's Red Sun, this was to melt Superboy's armor and weaken him...but it also weakened both of them.

Why not have all the GL's drag Superboy there?

Why did they land on Mogo? Its not like that damn planet did anything for them.

Also, where are the damn editors? Towards the end, they show a scene with heros who are missing, etc, they have Starfire and others...then at the end they have a splash page of the heros who will look after Earth while the big 3 are out of town.

And we see Starfire in there, also Nightwing (even though he is with Batman on a trip), and Flash (who is not even in our dimension), WTF!

dammit, I knew I should have put Conan in the title, that would get some responses

LOL...... as soon as my life slows down on par with the speed force, I'll tackle all of these questions. Just checking in at the moment.....

Thou shall not question IC!

--- Dan Didio

I don't think the GLs were strong enough to drag Superboy. He was killing them left and right before the Supermen caught up to Superboy.

I want to know who that was in the white Shazam costume with the hood in the splash page with all the other heroes.

In terms of strength...I think 50 GLs are stronger than 2 Supermen

"I want to know who that was in the white Shazam costume with the hood in the splash page with all the other heroes."

Probably Billy Batson.

" In terms of strength...I think 50 GLs are stronger than 2 Supermen"

They actually have 50 GLs guarding Superboy now. I would think that too, especially considering how Earth 1 Superman has needed a special breathing apparatus to survive in space in the past; and I would assume a vacuum is much less harsh than going through a red sun.

"Probably Billy Batson."

Why the outfit change, though?