Infiniti G35?

Does anyone have this car? Possibly looking into it, so any feedback would be great! Thanks.

The G35 sedan was just redesigned.

The G35 coupe is gonna be redesigned soon.

Great car. Depends on what you want it for, but for daily driving with a hint of class and plenty of performance it's a great choice.

Thanks guys...Guccix3, any clue when it is going to be redesigned?

what other cars are you considering?

Most likely within a yr or 2 now that they are done redesigning the sedan and Altimas.

I can tell you that on a short track a stock G35 and a capable driver can hang with my STi, despite not having all-wheel drive or a 300HP turbo engine. On the larger tracks it falls behind but still very capable.

That's for track driving.

Another car in it's class, the Acura TL, doesn't feel the same as the G35 and IMO isn't as good, period.

"despite not having all-wheel drive or a 300HP turbo engine."

A stock G35 has 298 hp.

I still beat them on the straightaway everytime... could be the turbo.

Got one. Great car. 2001.....

Considering trading in for the 07....

rear wheel drive = cool

"drive over 60mph"

Where the hell do you live? I hit 100 today... and it's not unusual.

Jap Crap

"despite not having all-wheel drive or a 300HP turbo engine."

You can get it with AWD and it does have about 300HP as someone pointed out. The STI is a shit ton faster though. The turbo will do it. I think an STI runs a 13.3 and the G35 might do just under a 14 on a good day (though that is the RWD version). Maybe the AWD G35 gets a bit closer but for some fucked up reason you can't get AWD AND manual with the G35... at least according to their website.

I just got an '07 sedan. Very nice car with a ton of gadgets (tech package).

Very fast (306hp/268ftlbs) and the interior is much improved over the 1st gen sedan ('03-'06)

Pretty good bang for the buck.

Lots of mods available to make them go REALLY fast.

Great looking car - the new one coming up looks TIGHT.

I have the FX45 btw and LOVE it.

my next car will be the 2008 (redesigned) G35 coupe

My friend has one and he doesn't like it that much. A lot of the interior is kind of cheaply made.

cheaply made my ass...your boy has a TOyota Avalon. lol

I have a '03 G35....very nice car. I'm thinking of trading it in for an '07. Them joints is HOT!!!

Saw one on the road yesterday...almost spooged over it. lol

Well, you're entitled to your opinion, but I've been in it several times and I agree with him to some extent. It is an '06. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent car, but overpriced, IMO. Not saying the interior of the car is bad, per se, but I just expect more out of a $30k car.