INFINITY crossover Discussion...spoilers

Following the epic Infinity 4 issue which brought me to tears , just read Avengers 21 and New Avengers 11 and was slightly disappointed..The tie ins definitely dont have the same impact as the core book...The way Dr Strange has been completely reduced to a weak easily mind melded guy doesnt sit well with me us I understand the plotpoint...There is so much going on that I need a refresh on this alternative earth crashing into the 616 earth..

Builders wanna wipe out Earth and lose to Galactic empire after mother universe awakens and takes them out...check

Thanos smashing Earth to find son and infinity gems..check

Illuminati building antimatter bombs ti destroy alternate earth etc and now Builders from the alternative universe now involved..this bit is exhausting

Highight of those two was Ronan smashing Supreme Intelligence..pretty epic

love to hear thoughts Phone Post 3.0

I haven't read the two new avengers tie ins but i do agree that they have less kick than the main book and rightfully so.

The other non-official reading order tie ins aren't even worth reading IMO.

as for strange being mind controlled, I think it's ok. It is one of Thanos' lackeys so I assume he's pretty damn powerful. Stranges power set has also been scaled back a lot over the years. it's not a lot of PIS IMO.

I love how dense this story is, so much is going and Hickman handles it all well. This event seems like it'll have some real weight to it. Lots of changes are gonna happen in the marvel universe.

I can only imagine that in a well written marvel universe so much would be going that it would be slightly overwhelming to follow for even a Watcher. Phone Post 3.0

I just read the avengers and new avengers tie ins and they were great.

Hickman can do no wrong. Phone Post 3.0

Tx Mark. can u give me a refresh on the 2 earth collision storyline cos im reading so much at the mo. just started hickmans ff run love that already Phone Post 3.0

Well it's a bit tricky because it seems to be related to so many sub plots as well. Particularly the return of the star brand, skitzo captain universe, the age of ultron time fuck up, and perhaps even the destruction of Hyperions world. I'll try my best to recap.

Basically the illuminati boys have discovered that the multiverse is smashing into each other and it's happening exponentially faster each time. They investigate and find Some crazy black swan chick destroys an alt earth to prevent it from smashing 616 earth. they then capture her. Through her they find out that every several days/hours an alternate universe earth will overlay into 616 earth. Effectively destroying both planets. So they have to stop the oncoming planet to save theirs.

They assembled the infinity gauntlet and gave it to captain america in order to stop an incoming alt universe earth. But it doesn't work and all the damn gems are destroyed in the process, except for the reality gem that just disappears instead. So they decide that they need to actually destroy these other incoming worlds in order to save theirs so they can figure out a way to stop it altogether. This means killing billions on it.

Cap tries to tell them that what they're doing is wrong and they mind wipe him an kick him out the damn boys club. Phone Post 3.0

So they make these super bombs and go to use it on an incoming alt planet earth. They come across Some crazy murder squad (that black Swan knows about) and alt universe Terrax the Tamer, they capture terrax and the alt earth is destroyed. That incursion point was in latveria so Doom gets wind of something strange happening but they tell him to fuck off.

So now They have Terrax and the Black swan captive and are still trying to stop the world from ending every several hours. All the while Thanos is fucking shit up and the builders have started a war against galaxies in order to destroy earth.

Hickman is weaving a really complex web and it's going to be awesome. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. Hope this helps. Phone Post 3.0

Best fcking summary of comic books ever. ..crystal clear..VTFU!!!! legend

u should do other summaries! what else u got?! Phone Post 3.0

I love that panel with Black Swan asking to be let free..and Thanos thinking then saying " I think not...". love it Phone Post 3.0

Any chance of getting those tie-ins uploaded pretty please?

thats a lot of comics lol 


Is there any specific book you really want?  

guys, if you go to you can type in the name of the single comic you are looking for followed by the issue number such as 010 for #10 or 005 for #5 or you can type in the name of the series and 2013 to get a listing of the latest issues for that series. They only take about 1 minute to download, then you can read any comic in glorious full screen fashion. The colors are brighter and the resolution higher via a file rather than images in a web browser.