Inflation is a means to pass money from the people to the government. Nice liberals

Inflation is a quiet but effective way for the government to transfer resources from the people to itself, without raising taxes.

Price increases over last yr (CPI report)…
Gasoline: +42.7%
Used Cars: +31.9%
Gas Utilities: +21%
New Cars: +7.6%
Overall CPI: +5.3%
Electricity: +5.2%
Food away from home: +4.7%
Transportation: +4.6%
Apparel: +4.2%
Food at home: +3.0%
Shelter: +2.8%


Explain how that works ok?

Do you think the increase in these items affects the government and or super wealthy in any way?

Thomas Sowell has many videos on it.

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Not saying OP is wrong but I’m more aware of how it is a way to take from wealthier people and give to poorer people. The stimulus checks have added to inflation, I believe.

The more something costs the more sales taxes and federal taxes get paid on it. Inflation is a double hit to consumers since taxes are usually based on product and service price not fixed.

Those increased costs get passed onto the consumer from corporations.

Thomas Sowell - Printing Money and Inflation - YouTube.

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Canada has many taxes associated with the Price of gas… as prices rise so do the taxes


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I wonder who truly profits from it though. The rich? Hardly. The government? Probably but even them are affected. I do think it’s another deliberate way to go for “The Great Reset”, as all are lockdown measures, internet censorship (which is NEW, guys, only slightly more than a year), media having become propagandists, etc.

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The ones who profit are the rich.

The people owning stocks will see the stock price rise due to inflation (business owners and investors)

Same with property owners. Higher prices while mortgage liabilities stay same.

What are the two greatest ways to build wealth?

Businesses and property.

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you’re correct… but everyone who owns a home isnt “rich” and everyone with a 401k or RRSP isnt rich. The middle class can become wealthier when their assets inflate… so why are people trying to punish the Middle class? these are the people that worked hard, saved for a home, invested their money so they could retire.

they did it right

and yet there are many who decided to rent, go out for dinner and drinks so they could post living their best life on the “gram” - they vacationed, they bought expensive shoes and bags.

and now they are pissed that they are missing out on this wealth increase. so much so they want the people who invested and bought a home to pay for their poor decisions and lifestyle choices

Is it really useful to use stats from the middle of a global pandemic?

i don’t know who or what youre talking about bro

You mean purposeful bullshit “pandemic”

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