Inflation Numbers SOAR Past Expectations! SAVE AMERICA!

That’s what many believe. This inflation as expected once everything started opening up. Supplies in many areas are scarce and it will take time to make up for the year plus shutdown. Supply and demand will hopefully come back in the short term

4% percent is a obvious lie. I also place it closer to 12-15%.

The one party Government is not willing to have big business take a hit. So the only tool against inflation they have (interest rates) sits dormant.

Sadly though, they are destroying the US dollar for fools who borrowed every year to show profit since it is free money if no interest. The US dollar is more important then the US economy and common people.


Is this a bad time to bring up those reparations…?

We’ve already done billions in reparations through the USDA. All non-white farmers got their debt paid off by the government this year. Fuck whitey, am I right? Problem is, nobody asked you about it. And you probably didn’t get any.

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What’s really cool is that you can say “fuck whitey” on this site and nobody bats an eye. Try to use the N-word with quotations as discussing it as a part of speech, and you’re a horrid racist.


This government is ran by morons.

White House Says It Was Surprised by Inflation Jump

The White House admitted Friday they were surprised by the rise in consumer prices in March, the largest jump since 2008.

“So we hadn’t forecasted that. The forecasters hadn’t expected that,” White House Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse said, adding the Federal Reserve was also “a bit surprised by the jump.”

Rouse spoke to reporters at the White House press briefing Friday, offering some analysis of the recent bad economic numbers for the economy.

She argued part of the jump in consumer prices was a result of a month-to-month spike in used car sales. Used car prices jumped by 10 percent in April compared with March and up 21 percent from a year ago.


Look who’s in the white house and it makes perfect sense.

Same guy who didn’t realize basically opening the border would lead to a border crisis, and handing out $300 weekly checks would lead to people not returning to work.