"Inflation Reduction Act of 2022"

It can be either, one thing it is not is anti inflationary, for that it would have to be a cut in spending, not hiking taxes and spending more.

If you don’t think that the tax revenue will be raised from those making less than $400k and less than $200k, see the JCT’s report.


“They said all the billions of dollars of taxpayer money is to fight inflation. They said so themselves ! ! ! ! ! !”

“let me be clear”, is their favorite qualifier to making pretend their bullshit lies have any merit

deblasio would always say, “let me be clear” befores pouting his nonsense and pure lies as well

the billions spent on new IRS employees to get “tax cheats”…people need to realize that these new IRS agents are going to be bothering YOU and ME and other regular people

the “tax cheats” are not some billionaire hedgefund guys like the gen public likes to believe, the “tax cheats” are all us regular people

you (not you personally,)think they can hire 1000s of new IRS investigators that are qualified and experienced enough to deal with complex, high net worth individuals?


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everything Biden does to “help” Americans involve just handing out tax payer $$ to people via stimulus pmts, increasing refundable tax credits, etc.

Trump increased some refundable credits, but his greatest impact was actually CUTTING Americans’ taxes

100% of tax accountants will tell you that the vast majority of their individual tax payer clients ended up with a noticeably/significantly, lower effective tax rate under Trump’s tax plan, the bulk of which was via reductions in actual taxes versus using refundable tax credits

Apparently that was part of the green deal or build back better, not sure which yet.

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Politely ask zned about anything you don’t understand

We all see there is much that is above your pay grade when it comes to understanding how things work