Influential Martial Art movies?

Enter the Dragon, Karate Kid, Silent Rage, etc..

Aside from Kentucky Fried Movie and TMNT 1-3, I have to note "Only the Strong."

"Hey, you with the boombox. I want you to turn it...UP."

Also, "Rooftops", too, if I could ever find a copy.

The Way of the Dragon (AKA return of the Dragon)

Revenge of the ninja


Return to the 36 chamber

Pray for Death

Wheels on Meals

The last Dragon

In my humble opinion, there is no better Martial Arts movie than


starring Jet Li (before Hollywood ruined him)


Nico (Above the Law)

Lethal Weapon

The Matrix

No Retreat No Surrender (not good, influential)

Fist of Legend is great, but I was well into my training when that one came along.

Oh yeah, Niko (Above the Law) For shaw.

If it wasn't for Enter the Dragon, I would be

Enter the Dragon, The Karate Kid, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie(the Japanese anime, NOT the live-action one) and anything else with Bruce Lee. I am a real big fan of Bruce Lee, he got me into martial arts like many people I know who practice them. I also like the Last Samurai, the Seven Samurai, and Ninja Scroll.

Rapid Fire,
Enter the Dragon

Blood Sport for sure.

Surf Ninjas

Enter the Dragon(of course), Master Killer , Shaolin vs Wu Tang , Mad Monkey Kung fu , Snake and Crane , Fearless Hyena(#1), Half a Loaf of Kung fu, and of course, Gymkata.