Info on getting sponsorship!


(From Lloyd Irvin)

One of the
biggest questions we get about Ryan is
how is he able to afford to compete
all over the World like he does.

Well it's simple, we have a special
process that we follow when trying
to get sponsorship money that results
in us getting tons of money and the
best thing about it is that anyone
can do it.

For the first time ever I'm going
to be sharing how I get so much money
for myself and my guys to compete.

You can learn more at

I've convinced a company called
Gameness Gear to give away a
$10,000 sponsorship package to
one lucky grappler/mixed martial
artist. For 12 months the winner
can travel and compete in as many
competitions as possible, all
expenses paid up to $10,000.

The reason I'm doing this is
because it's an absolute shame
that no one is teaching people
how to get sponsorship money in
grappling. It's a myth that no
one will sponsor grapplers or
martial artist.

Of course it's hard to get money
when the #1 method to try to get
sponsored is to walk up to a companies
stand at a grappling event and asking

"Hey my name is (Your Name Goes Here),
I've won (You Pick The Number)
tournaments, will you sponsor me? "

I see this all the time and I must
tell you that it's the most
unprofessional thing I've ever seen.

I know you may be asking yourself

"What does Lloyd know?"

Well I'm really good at a few things
and one of them is knowing how to
get sponsorship money for people,
no matter what belt level they are,
no matter how many tournaments
they've won or haven't won, but do
it in a totally professional way
that makes companies listen to
what you have to say.

Until now I've kept this a secret
only sharing this with a handful
of my students. Like Mr. X who I
helped generate over $90,000 in his
quest to become a Olympian(You'll
find out who this Mystery
person is later), Mike Fowler
whose received well over $30,000
in sponsorship money in his
short career and continues to
generate massive amounts of
sponsorship money and Ryan Hall
who as a blue belt received over
$12,000 in sponsorship money,
recently traveling to Europe,
Brazil and has competed all over
the Country gaining vast
tournament experience.

How do we do it you ask?

Well to find out how we've been
quietly raking in mountains of
sponsorship dollars please visit
the link below to find out more.

ttt in case anyone cares

when do they ask for money for sharing their secret?

I think Lloyd is getting into the travel and lodging business :-) haha, no -- I have no idea what the related product or service might be. I trained with Ryan Hall for a while and he went to a tournament every weekend and then I heard he had some sponsorship deals and it all made sense.