Info on K-W (ON) schools

I'm looking on info on two specific clubs in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. I already have club I train with when I can (damn afternoon shift, damn living out of town).

Heritage Martial Arts (Karate) and Robitaille's Academy Of Martial Arts (Karate and JJJ) have both started offering MMA classes. As far as I can tell neither school is affiliated with any of the big (or small) name MMA schools and none of the instructors seems to have trained with anyone who would actually know MMA. What I'm wondering is if anyone here knows of any affiliation or qualifications for those schools or the instructors.

I am from the area and have not heard a thing about either schools offering MMA classes. Without any qualified instructors it sounds like a Mcdojo cash grab based on the growing popularity of MMA. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.....

Why go there,or even ask about them when there are other more established clubs in the area when it comes to training?

Choose not to support McDojo's --- JUST SAY NO

wiley I was asking in the hopes that I was wrong about them being money grabbing McDojos (I even avoided using those words). I'm all for more clubs in the area, as long as they are decent. If they were decent clubs then they deserve publicity, if they are crap then they deserve people knowing that too. Maybe just maybe one of the students there would come on here and read this thread and decide to train at a better school.