Info on Mezger last fight

Just to clarify, most people think that Guy Mezger's last fight was in PRIDE FC, but it wasn't.

It was in European Vale Tudo 1: Genesis on 12-06-03. He won by TKO in Round 2 against Daniel Bergman

I was there and saw the fight live, Guy looked very good!

Easy to look good when your beating a no name who many have never even heard of before.Tito has fought better people than Guy has and has done better than he did.Guy lost to Wand by KO, Tito beat Wand, Guy beat Otsuka twice wow what an amazing accomplishment, Tito beat down Tanner, Vladdy, Kondo, Sinosic, and Shamrock.Tito has fought tougher guys than Guy no matter how you look at it and Guy should be beaten horridly once again.

That's pretty ironic since Mezger has been involved in way more fights that end in decisions than Tito. Almost half his fights are decisions.

The only entertaining part about Tito's fight with Wand was watching him get punched in the face, then sprinting across the octagon for dear life.

Guy was dominating them both in impressive fights......