Info on Strikeforce pay ????

"Im curious as to how this was a better deal than what the UFC offered him? It's becoming obvious that Fedor was offered more money, but balked and took a lesser deal just to be able to co-promote? Shady fucking russians."

True coming from such an unbiased source as yourself

Would you quit a job that pays well to go work for someone you can't stand for a few dollars more?

Dana isn't dealing with some Tuff fighter who spent the last year sleeping in someone's garage. Stop pretending to be some kind of neo-mafia Barney Bad Ass and give him what he wants. Otherwise...he has no reason to work for you.

tourist - Isn't Fedor one of the main partners of M-1 or something. It would be in his best interest to build M-1, his personal business, than to work for UFC as a sub-contractor.

This is correct. the co-promotion on national television of his own business is the best deal imo.

 How much did Rogers make?