June 5th i am fighting a guy named bobby diaz from the bone yard in mass and i cannot seem to find anything out about them ...any info would be much appreciated!

thanks and God bless, James Meals


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RING of FURY in MASS recently released a double DVD, I think he is on there. He beats up a guy from Indiana on that show.

He is stocky and strong looking, hits and kicks very hard. Ground work is reasonable, just a tough guy, like all the boneyard guys I have seen.

diaz has fought in a bunch of the mass destructions. He is known for his standup but recently won a match by triangle(i think). He is definetly a tough guy - don't think he has ever come close to getting nocked out - at least not in of the fights i have seen.

Work your thai kick defense - your gonna need it. you can buy mass destruction tapes @

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He's good.



What's up James?? I don't know if you remember me from the Pound 4 Pound show in Fla. Drop me a line at

The guys at the boneyard have the classiest T-shirts in mma

come on people ... no one knows this guy???

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We know him, we just arent giving you information on him.

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Don't know much about the Boneyard but I have heard shady things about that Littlefield guy!

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