Info Request -- Gyms in Dallas, TX

 I posted in the TexasGround but have gotten no response.  So, I'll post here, in the masses for some info.  I have a friend moving to Dallas in the next few weeks and he's looking for a gym that has both BJJ and Muay Thai.  

Can you guys give me any info on Dallas based gyms and website addresses as well?  

Thank you in advance... it's much appreciated.  

Have a great day!  

 I have reffed in Dallas a ton of times. Your bud is in luck - the level of instruction there is very tremendous. Among the many, many awesome  schools is:


 TTT For Much Respec

go to

I've got the most complete list of schools in the DFW metroplex anywhere on the internet, and closing in on 11,000 website members from the local scene. He can probably get some interesting feedback from my Schools q&a forum.

And yes for Muay Thai I would definitely try a visit to Mr. S. at the very least.

Hey guys, I work part time for MMA Industries and forgot to log out when I posted this question.  But I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to give me all the great info.  I really appreciate it and my friend will be more than pleased with such a great list of gyms to research through.    

Thanks again and all the best.     

Isn't Travis Lutter's school in Fort Worth/Dallas? Phone Post

All good advice above. Y

ep Lutter has a couple clubs on the west side (Fort Worth) but I don't know how much Muay Thai they do there.

It's been a decade but I had fantastic experiences training at Mezger's place, I really can't say enough good things about Guy, he's great. Mad knowledge.

Seakson's has a great reputation, never been there myself but everybody I've met who has had good things to say about the MT instruction.

I think Carlos Machado is still on the northside. And he has several black belts with clubs all over town (Dallas-Fort Worth area is really expansive - distance will probably play a part in your decision).

It's a competitive market place so, just like the Jaguar said, there's a ton of bigtime instruction around.

My advice would be to spend a week or two visiting different clubs and just shop around.


 Rosholt at The Gym in Arlington now.



Saekson at the very most! Great Teacher. Lots of fun!



Two locations in Fort Worth