Infrastructure BillI - national motor vehicle per-mile user fee


They’re floundering in their attempt to replace the gas tax with something that works for EVs and is also usage-based (like the gas tax). Not an easy task.

Not sticking up for the commies, because fuck them, but EVs do pose a challenge in this regard.

I can’t wait for the pendulum to swing back hard the other way.


A pilot program? Shit, I don’t even fly planes.


I’m torn on this. In the same way it is bullshit that people without kids are forced to subsidize other peoples kids I think it’s reasonable to charge the people who use roads for road maintenance.

should a person who rides a bike or takes the bus really share the same responsibility to maintain the roads as a company with a fleet of 3 ton trucks?

It is challenging to make it fair. This is one of the main arguments against socialized healthcare – that the healthy should not subsidize the unhealthy

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I bought a fuel efficient car to save money. It pollutes a lot less than a big car but I’ll pay the same tax per mile as a hummer?


They already do. It’s called taxes.

Yes. Use is use.


Just another way to punish those who live in the country. They want everyone crammed into big cities so they can control them.


The weight of the vehicle causes more wear on the roads. In Hawaii you pay a registration fee on the weight of your vehicle

If you run trucks on the roads you pay more road tax (because you’re using more fuel) and registration is higher in almost all states IIRC.

Long term plan is brew my own ethanol and a nifty little switch I installed that turns off my analog odometer. Be keeping my BBC(472) pounding the pavement and they can pound sand. Fuck modern cars. American muscle is more fun anyway.


Enjoy. Shipping fees are gonna be dope

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If that person is an asshoe who rides their bike on the road then they should pay 100 times more simply for choosing to be a road hazard.


Eventually everyone gets unhealthy.

Unless you grow old and die alone in a shack – everyone is going to get to the point of needing significant health care.

Of course almost everyone needs healthcare at some point. But that is completely irrelevant to the fact that over a lifetime, obese slobs have drastically higher healthcare costs and use the medical system way more than healthy people.

It’s like if you drive a car long enough, of course everyone is going to need repairs at some point. But someone who gets regular oil changes and does preventative maintecance and drives reasonably is going to incur a fuckload less vehicle repairs costs over their lifetime than someone who rarely gets oil changes, never addresses maintenance issues early, drives like a raging asshole, off roads, etc.


I’m ok with this for EV only.

That’s my point. Taxes are decided on income and our tax money goes into a municipal pool that is often used for institutions or programs we rarely use or gain any benefit from – which is really just income redistribution.

I don’t think a mileage tax is very smart, just due to the bureaucracy of administering such a thing, but a universal tax when you purchase car insurance, or at the pump/charging station, would at least make drivers pay for it. Similar to how tolls on bridges subsidize the costs – paid by the people actually using the bridge

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“You will own nothing, and you will like it”.

Secession is your peaceful alternative.

On another note, I would personally be glad to be put out to pasture shall we say and allow a healthy young fucker to have a good life without me sucking his taxes off. If I can’t provide for my own Healthcare in the end…then I deserve what I get. As happens in all of nature. The bear gets old, he doesn’t gather enough food, or gets injured in a fight, and the bear dies. Unless he raised a loving strong family and provided for posterity during his youth and middle years like a wise person.