Infuriating Muslim leader interview in Australia

Prepare to punch your screens!
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He did a good job really. More innocent Iraqis have died under western sanctions alone, than by ISIS, yet where was the outrage about Iraqi life from the west then?

She was trying to set him up to say something self-damning, but he maintained his calm demeanour and she was the one who clearly got upset.


I'm not watching this because I know it'll be more of the typical pinko poofter BS from the ABC about how muslims are poor innocent darlings.

Actually, I would say he did a normal political job of answering. Yes, he was being asked very set-up questions. He knew it, and the reporter lost her shit because he was not going to be hemmed into "Yes/No" type questions where she could then lead him around into traps.

He did his best to reframe the issue in his group's perspective. The reporter acted like a self-righteous cunt. If it had been Bill O'Reilly, he would have been screaming to cut the guy's mike.

That being said, neither side was right or wrong.

That's BS. You can denounce the actions of ISIS whilst still pointing out the devastating results of Western intervention in the middle east.. The points are not mutually exclusive.

By refusing to answer, it appears as though he is justifying those acts