#$@% ing Ducks

come on Wild last stand right here

I'm sorry is there something going on here that the general hockey world should have a clue what you are talking about? Are they still in the playoffs?

I like the Wild, not a big fan of Jacques Lemair ethough. If they don't put up a fight in this series I'd can him.

I hate the Wild, but I'm glad they finally won one against the Ducks.

Worst officiated game I've ever seen. Just glad it didn't cost the Wild the game.

Boogaard better take some people out on Thursday

I'm sure he will if Lemaire lets him play more than 1 shift per period.

Thursday is going to be ugly

wild deserve to lose this one...some of the sloppiest hockey i have ever seen

I fell asleep after the 1st period, sounds like I didn't miss much.