Ingrown Toenails

I've got two ingrown toenails that I've been clipping out for about 20 years. But lately, one of them especially has become a major problem, and I fear i'm going to have to have it removed.

Anyone have this done before? Is it something I can/should have done by my family practitioner? Should I have both, one of each foot, removed at the same time? Will I have to be off my feet for any length of time?

I had an ingrown toenail removed when I was about 16 years old. This was a while ago mind you but at the time my regular doc just numbed my toe with a shot, cut down the nail from the tip of the toe all the way to the rear of the nail, and removed the entire inner third of the nail. My toe was tender for a week or so, but I could walk ok.

i had both of mine done in the same dr visit.
i went back to work the same day.they were sore,but not bad enough to stay off my feet.i was good in about a week.

Had the surgery and some acid applied to kill the nailbed and keeping it from growing back.

Nowhere near as unpleasant as I'd been led to believe. I wasn't off my feet at all.