Injured the week of a fight

I know this is every fighter's nightmare.I was grappling last night and one of my partners was trying to heelhook me from my guard.As he was going back for it I put my foot in his hip to push him back and roll up to mount him.I've done this 1000 times but for some reason this time it was different.When he fell back his bodyweight landed on my ankle causing it to snap.

My ankle is now swollen up the size of a baseball and I've torn most of the ligaments.I know I'm supposed to ice it and stay off of it but I work a factory job where I have to be on my feet all night and I can't miss work because I am moving into a new house next week and I need the money for rent.

Plus to make matters worse I am supposed to be fighting in a kickboxing match locally this weekend and just about everyone I know is going.How much more fucked up could things get?

I'm going to the doctor's office within the hour and hopefully he'll have some good news for me

That sucks if you pulled ligaments you are probably out for a while. When I pulled ligaments in my ankle (and broke my leg) physical therapy helped me heal quicker than expected. Good luck, hope you heal up.

That sucks man...It is bad enough when something shitty happens, way worse when something shitty happens at the worst possible time.

That sucks man.. there will be other fights.. should stay away fro heel hooks a week before the fight also doncha think?

I'm thinking of taking a cortisone shot and taping it really good.What do you think?It's just my balance leg not my power leg

Don't mess it up worse than it is for one fight.

I wouldn't do it . Your looking at buying a house if you hurt it worse you might not be able to work .

Dont do it----  there is always another fight.  Dont risk a more severe injury.

well maybe if you taped it up real tight and just stuck to boxing?

Ice and compression immediately.

I just wanted to apologize again for what happenned. This is the worse timing possible for something like this to come up and I've been there so I know how it feels. Tried to call today to see how you were but got no answer. I really feel terrible about it especially with the local event coming up... we always like to do our best there and it only makes things that much worse.

My best advise is the same as Kirik. The compression will really help to keep the swelling down. We do that for Congestive heart failure risks for the same keep the swelling down in their legs. Wrap it up and keep it wrapped and supported with whatever you have. Also elevate it especially at night while you sleep (and any other time you can). This will help keep edema(fluids that cause swelling) from pooling in your leg.

Hopefully you'll get some good news at the doctor or at least good advise. Call me at my house this evening if you can @ 3-4134 and let me know how things are going.

"I'm thinking of taking a cortisone shot and taping it really good.What do you think?It's just my balance leg not my power leg"

not sure if you have already gone to the dr., but you can't do a cortisone shot in the ankle. i had a really bad ankle injury in college while i was playing football and the dr. and trainers made it clear that you can't do cortisone in the ankle or foot because it numbs the foot and gives it the feeling that you would have when it is asleep and you can't control it well or really move it.

sorry, hope that eveything works out.

best of luck.

stay away from the leglock guys the week before you fight! if you fight, best of luck and my hats off to you. i hope your opponent doesnt read this thread.

Give it the hot and cold treatment, strap it down tight and stay of it as much as possible, and whatever you do don't kick with that leg, the whiplash effect is a killer, stick to boxing and knees(depending on the rules).

These guys are right. I've been hurt the week of a fight before, and this injury sounds pretty serious. If you are taking your career seriously, don't be a tough guy, think about the long term. Make sure to do rehab though- injuries don't heal up by just sitting on the couch.


Let the promoter know now that you have an injury.

He may be able to find an alternative and/or try and match you up on his next card.

Put it down to a learning experience for both you and your training partners. It's a dangerous time when your trained up to fight, and there are egos in the gym (my ego always goes up before a fight or comp).

The week before should be tapering, its OK to go a little hard for short periods but you have to train in such a way as to minimise the possibillity for injury. Personally I would rule out all the rotational leg locks when grappling the week before a kick boxing event, or rule out grappling all together.

Hope you heal up, take care of yourself

A buddy was training for an MMA fight and we were rolling a few weeks before the fight. At that point we were pretty competitive. I got a figure four ankle lock on him and he did not want to tap, and my ego wanted the tap bad. I ended up injuring his ankle and this obviously hindered his training. It wasn't too bad and he was able to continue training just having to take it easy with the ankle.

I have since learnt to treat training as training and just give up the submission if you feel the other guy is not going to give up.

Agree with Jaysun, but not only your career, it is about you health.

hey dude I am in the same boat as you.. I was going to fight steve berger in the Rumble on the Rock in hawaii on may 7th. But this past friday some bitch rear ended me and crushed my was a beautiful car but anyways my back,neck and my hip is fucked fighting is out of the question.. I been training so hard for this fight and well shit happens..but take care of your injury first you will always fight another day...