Injured. what to do what to do?

Crap I hurt my elbow a couple of week's ago. When I feel on my arm. It didn't hurt and nothing broke the skin. So I figure as usual I am alright.

That was on a Friday, Sunday I went to train and nothing big, trained on Monday with Moke and then my elbow got inflamed. It took 5 days to go back down...

I had 2 days of feeling good then trianed with Moke again. And it flared up again... I think he might have the Bad Aids and it's affecting my elbow.

So I went to the ER a few days later. And now their saying I have somethign called Bronkeites... (not spelled that way of corse) Feels like a deep bown bruise, and if it get's irritated it swells up ALOT. Doc said to take it easy for a couple of weeks. I'm going to take the month off.

But now I am bored to S!#T. I treid running but it iritates it a bit. What else can I do to not lose my conditioning?

common denominator for inflamation.....moke??

inflamation AND bad aids= no grappo with moke


reread your post........YOU FAKA, YOU WENT ER FOR A SORE ARM???


Oh brutha!

Ahh.. G/f#1 works as a nurse in ER. So I got a free visit.

Faxapreta - Ahh.. G/f#1 works as a nurse in ER. So I got a free visit.

oh in that case....looks around to make sure the rest of the hg is absent...can get discrete viagra or what??

is for fren.

discretion please!

step 1: get rid of motorcycle.

never get rid of a motorcsicle, it gets bishes!!!

armlok - never get rid of a motorcsicle, it gets bishes!!!

they said that about my car too. LIES!

I would stop whacking to save my elbow and shave my back (and chest for that matter) if I were you. Just saying...

Eh brah no blame me! Blame your motorcycle skillz...

I don't think you have bronchitis (unless your elbow is coughing), but you probably have bursitis...I'm guessing that's what was on GSP's elbow too when he went into the second Penn fight.

Google bursitis and see what the fastest healing methods you got me curious, I'm gonna check it out too.

Either way, inflammation calls for 'round the clock ibuprofen! There hasn't been a moment my bloodstream hasn't had ibuprofen in it in the last 3 years...

...from what I've read so far: it's basically about keeping down inflammation. Inflammation causes it to get worse, and it cannot heal while swollen. So ice and ibuprofen. You have to keep the swelling down constantly, long enough for it to heal. So periodically ice it, and take ibuprofen every eight hours (3 times a day), every day for a few weeks I'd guess...and of course don't strain it.

3200mg max a day is mil-spec standards

600mg 3 times a day should be enough (totaling 1800mg). 3200mg would be the 800mg 4 times a day. I've done that and it works, but I've also experimented with smaller amounts (600 X 3) and that works good too.

But since he'll only been on for a month tops, maybe it'd be good to go for the 800 X 4.

moke, didnt know you was a doctor

I'm a guy with lots of injury's almost the same thing.

The same reason I know so much about cars...because the first 4 or 5 I had were pieces of shit that needed work every weekend.

When I had the Bad Aids I took two Flintstone's vitamins and a couple aspirins, and it's gone now.

These kinds of stories are the reason why my wife will not let me get a motorcycle. Thanks Faixa.

ttt for coughing elbows!

I hear yoga is good but ive never tried it

Mike Onzuka - These kinds of stories are the reason why my wife will not let me get a motorcycle. Thanks Faixa.

she will if you get lots of insurance!!!

lol, Yikes!

Join the injured watching t.v. at home. I just reinjured the pec. FAWK!