injuries are the best!!!!!!

So here I am , Christmas Eve, at work and bored out of my skull. Can't train, can't lift. Probably have 1-1 1/2 months before I can hit the mat again (AC joint). I'd like to hear from some other guys who have had to deal with the injury bug. Was really on a roll,too. My jits was really starting to come together and my conditioning was feeling great. Now I'm on the shelf. Somebody needs to inspire me, tell me it's all gonna be ok. What did you do in your darkest hours ? Besides perusing the UG like some fruit loop at Tuesday night Bingo. What did y'all do to cope (besides the booze, pot, hookers and pills, of course).

I broke my right forearm grappling two different times. First time I needed a 4 inch metal plate and 6 screws to put the bone back together. I couldnt hold a pen for 6 months. During that time, I started watching, studying, and collecting tapes of anything related to mma. Same time I found this place and just read everything I could. Also asked alot of stupid questions, which helped me learn alot.

Two years later, ive put on around 20lbs of muscle and im as strong as Ive ever been in my life. The scar I have really freaks people out and I enjoy that. Everything has its time. If you are going to hard, to fast, like I was, then an injury is a blessing to help you slow down. Take a step back physcially and get your mind straight.

Take your time and heal.

You'll be better than before if you do it right and be smart about it.

I had some blood pressure problems (near-aneurysm, etc) bout 10 months ago that kept me out of the gym for 4-5 months. Havent really gotten back to where I was due to work and such. Its a bitch man, but we perservere and come out ahead in the long run :)

Must be all the meat jon. ;)


I'm 120/80 and carnivorous Dougy :)