injuries.. i quit!!!!

yeah so, i'll never get my blue at this rate. i once again got in a wreck on my motorcycle. some clown flipped a u-turn right in front of me, then fled the scene. so i have to JACKED shoulders, been on narcotics for a week, can't train for weeks AGAIN, had bronchitis a while ago, girl wrecked my car over x-mas, started third job to pay bills, and was working off an injury from a wreck when i started at this academy last year. with all the things happening to me, the other guys seems to be progressing faster. my instructor says i'm getting way better but i don't feel it anymore. i need some kind of inspiration or i'm just washing my hands of the whole thing. this is a sad day i don't want to quit, but i can't train for a while and my contract is up for renewal. what would you do?


My old instructor for kickboxing used to say that every day you show up to train you create a habit in yourself for winning. He said that training is difficult. You have to deal with injuries, illness, your ego, and hard work while everyone else is comfortable at home watching Friends. But by going every day you get into the habit of reaching little goals that build toward your bigger ones (blue belt, purple...winning competitions, being a good fighter, etc).

There is no rush, man. Jiujitsu is a lifelong thing. If you are repeatedly getting injured now, it doesn't mean you will always have such bad luck. There was a time when a rib injury did such damage to my lungs that I couldnt even walk up a flight of stairs. Getting back on the mats and being beaten by newbies while I was an experienced blue belt made me want to quit a thousand times. I stayed at it though and now my cardio is much better and my game is pretty good (if I do say so myself lol).

Dont quit, man! Just be patient and always give it your best.

I was in a very similar situation. My advice to you - stop bjj completely, focus 100% on getting healthy. Buy instructional videos (recommend Gracie Basics, intermediate, advanced series, mario sperry vale tudo series 1,2, Rodrigo Mederios series, Renzo Gracie advanced blakbelt techniques series)
and try to understand the game better from a mental standpoint as you rehab. Do visualization exercises as you drive/work of the exact details of moves.
Use the extra time you will have to get your financial situation in order too.
Look into prolotherapy if you have ligament injuries (
Eventually, with your rehab, begin yoga exercises whether they be via a class or the many instructional videos on the market.
Then when you feel more healthy physically, have very focused practices with a friend where you can practice 4-5 techniques for the entire hour and just drill drill drill without rolling.
Eventually, when feeling even better physically begin TAKU's interval training to get your cardio back.
Go back to bjj, tap everyone.

Me and my partners never get injuries aside from jamned fingers, toes, scrapes, fat lips etc. The most traumatic thing that happend where we train is a dislocated shoulder. Maybe we arent going hard enough

I have been Injury prone as well, but I am going to take some time off to get better and hit it again. I am in no hurry to advance in belts. I just love the sport

i've just had a bad stroke of luck for the past 7months and it's really getting to me.

go and drill what u could

forgot to mention, my contract is up this month anyhow. and i'm not sure how long my instructor will be around. there have been some rumors flying around that he'll be leaving for a different academy.