Injury question...

Have any of you guys ever had a bruised testicle? This is not a joke. If you have what kind of symptoms did you have and how long did it take before you where back on your feet?




Yes it went black, gave me a scare, it was fine a week or two later tho.

When you say bruised, can you actually see bruising on the skin? Is it swollen? Did you get an ultrasound?

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Marx: Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice, 5th ed., Copyright © 2002 Mosby, Inc.


Clinical Features

Testicular injuries are most often caused by a fall or kick, or they are incurred while playing a sport and result in a contusion, laceration, fracture, or dislocation. The symptoms include severe pain, faintness, nausea, vomiting, and occasionally urinary retention secondary to pain. On examination a tender swollen testicle may be present, but often only a small hematoma is noted. Therefore, anyone with a remote history of testicular trauma should undergo testicular color Doppler ultrasound examination, the diagnostic procedure of choice, to evaluate the integrity of the testis.[33] It can disclose testicular disruption, extruded testicular parenchyma, or a fragmented testicle. Loss of the normal homogeneous testicular pattern and the presence of a heterogeneous testicular pattern are diagnostic of testicular injury and require urologic evaluation ( Figure 40–26 ). Benign trauma often acts as the inciting event that discloses testicular torsion or malignancy.


Testicular contusions are treated conservatively with bed rest, ice packs, NSAIDs, and appropriate urologic follow-up evaluation. Testicular dislocation occurs as a result of excessive pressure on the scrotum or thigh. In 80% of cases the testis lies under the abdominal wall. Associated injuries are common, such as a pelvic fracture, hip dislocation, or cutaneous contusions. On examination, the affected hemiscrotum is swollen and ecchymotic with an absent testis. Operative repair is required for testicular laceration, disruption, or dislocation. Hematoma evacuation, testicular parenchymal debridement, and primary closure of the tunica albuginea are the treatments of choice. Immediate surgery allows earlier resumption of daily activity, a shorter hospital stay, greatly reduced morbidity, and a lower orchiectomy rate.


Can you do anything for this type of injury? Besides the fact that it turned black, how did you know that it was bruised and not something else?

Thanks for the info.

Symptom Relief

Here's how to minimize the bumps and bruises you're bound to get along the road of life.

Apply icy pressure, pronto. If you've just bumped into something and you know it's going to cause a bruise, immediately press the area with ice wrapped in a washcloth for seven minutes or so. "This keeps blood from leaking out of vessels and will minimize the black-and-blue marks," says Robert E. Clark, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Dermatologic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology Unit at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Ice also helps deaden the pain, he adds.

Give a lift to a just-bumped limb. Raising a bruised arm or leg above the level of your heart will keep blood from pooling in the injured area.

Try warm compresses. Applying a warm washcloth a day or two after an injury helps disperse the extra red blood cells into the tissues. Hold the warm cloth in place for about 20 minutes. The dark area may fade more quickly, says Dr. Litt.


I don't think it looks black. It is not swollen. No I did not get an ultrasound because I have no health insurance. :(

Try a little arnica. The American Indians knew what they were doing when they smeared the juice of the arnica bush on bruises, according to Varro E. Tyler, Ph.D., a plant-drug specialist and professor of pharmacognosy at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. "Several years ago, a German study found two substances in this herb that produce anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects," says Dr. Tyler. Health food stores sell ready-made arnica ointments such as Antiflora, which may help bruises disappear. They should contain at least 10 percent arnica to be effective, says Dr. Tyler.

Reach for vitamin C skin cream. The latest "miracle" ingredient to show up in skin cosmetics is vitamin C. This one seems to have some merit. "vitamin C penetrates the skin deeply and may help build up the skin's support structure of collagen," says Dr. Clark. "This may reduce your vulnerability to bruising."

vitamin C also helps toughen up older skin, protecting against fragility and bruising. "Preliminary studies have shown that when vitamin C is applied to fresh bruises in older people, the discoloration is minimized," says Douglas Darr, Ph.D., assistant research professor at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Darr's own research has found that topical vitamin C helps prevent damage from past overexposure to sunlight and inactivates harmful substances that corrode the cells and further age the skin. A few of these products are now available; ask your dermatologist.

Swallow vitamin C, too. "Taking 500 to 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily may help enhance skin collagen formation and make blood vessels less brittle," says Dr. Clark. Taking vitamin C may be especially important if you also take aspirin or corticosteroids for arthritis. During a study, British researchers observed that arthritis inflammation robs the body of vitamin C, and aspirin and steroids used to combat the disease also tend to drain the body of this nutrient, weakening the capillaries. When people were given 500 milligrams of vitamin C daily, their bruises showed rapid improvement. Before taking large doses of any vitamin, including vitamin C, you should get the consent of your doctor.

Become an oyster lover. Shellfish as well as beef and chicken is an excellent source of zinc. This mineral may help keep blood cells from leaking out of the blood vessels following injury, according to Joseph Bark, M.D., chairman of the Department of Dermatology at St. Joseph's Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. You may also want to take a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement that contains zinc.

Thank you for the info momita!


I take it seems to be alittle swollen.

Hope "it" gets better soon. One time my brother was in a fight, got kicked in the nards...... harrrrrrrrrd. He used ice packs & had to lay down for awhile, he was sick to his stomach for a few hours........ My dad told me the bruising looked like a dead elephant.... I wasn't allowed to see this for myself...

p.s. On a side note...... I was spanked for kicking him........... really harrrrd. sheesh.


How long before your brother was back on his feet with no discomfort?


Give a lift to a just-bumped limb? I'm not sure I wanna see him do You dont have a picture of that splinted do you?

Madman, For real tho, we tell people who did this to wear tight support. keeps the injured part from banging around. It also may help to sleep with your scrotum on a pillow. The elevation is the same as if you were elevating a just bumped limb.

In the emergency dept we would get an ultrasound (yours would probably be are not vomiting, not alot of swelling), send you home with the recommendations you read (conservative management).


I think you and I train at the same gym (champions fitness) Anyway's, I think I did it last friday at judo class. I was thrown and I crossed my legs when I landed. I didn't notice any discomfort until sunday afternoon. Today seems to be the worst though...I recently read Lance Armstrong's book and I can't seem to get the thought of testicular cancer out of my head. :(

email me and Ill call you

pbolger is right, my brother had to wear a tight stretchy thing for awhile, and sleep with a pillow between his knees for a week or so. And I couldn't find a pic to display........ LOL, sorry.

but I did get a payback for my dirty deed.... a coupla days after while stealing his big boy bike, I bounced on the stupid bar trying to get off, guess what, no stretchy thing for a girl to put on for a bruise there......


madman, anytime you get hurt at the gym, post attn pbolger. I am on here all the time when Im not sleeping cuz I got a computer at work. While Im charting I always check. You can also email me.

You have mail pbolger. momita I don't think I need a pic lol. i appreciate the thought tho. :)