injury question...

I've already posted this on the underground and figured I would post it here also...

Have any of you ever bruised a testicle? I think I may have in class last friday. If so, what where your symptoms and how long to full recovery? Thanks for any info.



i dont like to discuss it.. but.. yes, its happened to me. extremely painful. i was peeing blood for awhile-- sometimes more than others.

the pain lasted for almost 2 weeks very consistantly. i thought it was better and tried to train again one night. i made it worse, a lot worse. somehow it ended-up leading to some bruising/swelling of the pancreus.

that took another couple of weeks to get over. id tell you to take off at least a month. no running, no lifting, no training.

there are thousands of nerve endings down there. you fuck one of them up and it sends signals all the way up into your stomach, potentially messing around with a lot of other functions.

i shiver just remembering the entire experience.


I know how you feel discussing this particular subject. I have no health insurance and wasn't sure who to ask. Friday night in judo class I took a fall and crossed my legs on impact (I'm a rookie). I have been in discomfort since sunday and I'm kinda worried about this situation. I read Lance Armstrongs book recently and I keep thinking about how he got testicular cancer. I can't stop thinking about that.

rule of thumbs.. if there is any level of discomfort when you take a wizz, dont train yet. make sure that you heal.. internal bruising takes several weeks to fully heal, it isnt like a bone bruise that you can see. not at all.

worst part is youll have to avoid sex as well as judo. cant run, cant lift.. nothing.

i dont know if you had blood in your urine or not, you can keep that to yourself as well, but if you did, you will definitely want to make sure you give yourself the necessary recovery time.

oh.. one other thing the docs told me to do.. weak boxer biefs. not boxers and not tighty whites.. they said boxer briefs gave the most support... ive worn them ever since.

How about wearing a cup to practice?

LMAO.. =)

Thanks for the info Josh! I was told not to wear a cup.

"I was told not to wear a cup."

Old debate, long ago between Josh and the Spaceman.

yea.. thats an old joke between SS and i.. lmao. good times.

and, on an honest note.. dont wear a cup, it isnt proper etiquette in judo.

1. hard plastics, just like anything metallic, are not allowed in judo.

2. there is a substantial amount of contact with that specific area of the body. it sure wouldnt be nice to have some guy putting his hooks in and feel his cup grinding into your spine.

3. there is no striking in judo so it isnt as if you need the protection to keep frm getting kicked or punched. the contact to that area is generally accidental.

i had it REAL bad once.. i used to play hockey and i was a center.. i scored a lot of goals deflecting pucks right in front of the net and one day in practice i forgot my cup.. didnt realize it when i went in front of the net and someone took a slapshot from 15 feet away.. i TRIED to get out of the way but it was one of those seeing eye pucks nad it slammed into my right nut and my right upper thigh..

i puked for 20 mins straight an dcouldnt get up for at least a half hour..

i was out of all sports for over 2 months and the swelling didnt go away completely for over 6 months..

there is more to the story but i really really dont want to go into it..

if you have any pain in the NUT or pen or lower abdomen keep resting it..

I'm surprised to hear a few people have had this injury. I thought is was very uncommon, but I come to find out it's quite the opposite.

I say this to every injury question:


If your pain is persistant... SEE A DOCTOR!

If you are peeing blood... SEE A DOCTOR REAL FAST!