Injury Rate High in Sambo?

Hey All!

I am just starting to learn more about grappling arts overall and sambo is VERY intriguing to me. I was wondering though; sambo has a lot of judo-type throws and leglocks, both of which are reputed to be very high on the injury scale. Are recreational sambo players at high risk of injury as well? I was wondering if the art could be trained in recreationally without having to worry too much about injury...

I can't imagine the injury rate in sambo is any higher than in any other grappling art. While it is true that we do use more leglocks than most arts, they are taught in a gradual manner depending on skill and control level. Obviously a complete beginner in any grappling art has no business applying heel hooks, toe holds, etc. Such techniques are dangerous when used by the inexperienced. That being said, I have trained sambo for about six years, and have yet to experience (or even see occur) a serious injury, aside from slight joint pain. I probably experienced more injury during my karate days after taking countless punches and kicks to the face and groin.

Ditto what SamboKneeMachine says. I got more seriously hurt trainign San Da back in the day than with sambo.  We rarely have serious injury. The worst has been a partial tear of the calf - not even related to a ny submissions. We are probably on par with judo, JJ, or any other throwing/grappling group for injury rates.

I agree.  I have not really seen any serious injuries.  I have slightly tweaked a knee once when an opponent attempted a flying scissors on me, but other than that no injuries.  I have suffered worse injuries in wrestling, BJJ, and submission wrestling.  I have never been hurt doing judo, but I have not done as much judo as the other arts.