Innovation Vs Tradition?

I have always herd that innovation is the key to success, being able to adapt and change styles and moves, with no delay due to adaptation.

But who are we to tell that the greatest Martial Artists of all time weren't doing it right? Have we any right to think we can come up with anything they didn't think of?

I wana hear peoples opinions on tradition vs innovation!

What if the the tradition is to be innovative? <- Serious, not smart ass.

 I hadent thought of that Sprout... vut what martial arts are about innovation over tradition?

Think of it this way. You train traditional stuff such as double leg takedowns, basic armbar set-ups and others and those certainly can work but you lack the element of surprise. Every fighters trains defense to those moves and has seen them.

Now if you train really unorthodox stuff such as gogoplatas, spinning back fists, spinning elbows and such then you have the element of surprise behind your technique. Most fighters train countering round kicks, not many train countering spinning side kicks. How many fighters know how to escape a gogoplata or a scissor choke (sheila bird vs kim couture type choke)?

Compare Rampage vs Jon Jones for example. Rampage will standup and box with people. That's it. He won't be going for any takedowns or throwing any kicks- very predictable. Jon Jones tho, you never know what he's gonna do. He does flying techniques, spinning techniques and cool throws and such. He's really an innovator.

A fighter would still need to learn the basics tho. But being unpredictable makes you a better fighter.

CrippledFighter -  I hadent thought of that Sprout... vut what martial arts are about innovation over tradition?


The greatest did evolve. Oyama, The Gracie Family, Bruce Lee, and so on evolved as well as stick to tradition. Mas Oyama trained in the old ways, in the wilderness, punching rocks. But he also evolved Karate into a more well rounded form of stand-up, and allowed for evolution.

To be great you need both. This is time tested and proven.

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Wtf you talking about?