Inoki Bom Ba ye: photos

Emelianenko Fedor vs Yugi NagataTadao Yasuda vs Rene RoozeLyoto Machilda vs Rich FranklinSemmy Schilt vs Josh Barnett

Wow! Looks like Lyoto really took care of Fraklin.

Valeu Bro

Damn I can't find the Suloev/Thomas photos anywhere. That fight sounded brutal.

ttt thanks for the treat!

where did you find the comments on the thomas fight?

wow, looks like Barnett is in great shape

According to Sports Navi, LYOTO dominated the entire fight. I'm amazed. Franklin's a top fighter.

Looks like Barnett gave alot of his flab to Fedor. Looks like Fedor has been having a relaxing vacation.

good pics

Bro Hymn- Any pics or play by play of Din's fight? Thanks in advance.

what's up with Fedor? looks a bit outta shape to me