Inoki punching Lyoto

Before Lyoto's fight with Greco in Romanex, they showed a clip of Inoki socking Lyoto in the face several times ringside, seemingly after a fight. Anyone know WTF that was about?

Was it slapping or punching?

never saw it, but if they were slaps, that's a tradition.

Being slapped by Inoki is considered a great honor, though I have no idea why this is so.

Ryan G-

I'm pretty sure this was after Lyoto's fight with Kengo, in which Lyoto beat the hell out of Kengo, but did not finish him. Inoki was punching him to raise his fighting spirit and also due to the fact that he was dissapointed that Lyoto did not fight more impressively.


I know all about the Inoki slaps. These weren't slaps, these were punches, and Inoki looked pissed (and Lyoto looked surprised).

Thanks for the answers. That's a pretty harsh reaction for someone's debut, especially after a fucking win.

Very interesting Ryan - I haven't seen the footage, I was just speculating based on what I know of Inoki. Crazy that he actually hit him...was it closed fist?

Closed fist, bare knuckle.

damn, Inoki's crazy like that

Inoki usually never hits a student closed fist, even when dissapointed with them. But, since Lyoto is his nephew, I guess he feels as if it were OK.

That said, I would be very honored to be slapped full of Inoki spirit.

They got that type of culture in Hawaii too, particularly North Shore.

He owed him some money.

I'm Inoki Bitch!

did he have a guy standing next to him with talcum powder before he slapped the guy?

Just another troll post from Ryan G, wtf do you expect from this punk?? lies, all lies. ;)