Inside an ICU where 70% of patients are unvaccinated


Given your lack of an answer I will assume you have little knowledge or expertise.

I’m pretty sure the first thing is to demagnetize them.

Oh the humanity, what ever will we do?

What are my chances of experiencing stomach bleeding if I take ibuprofen?

no idea.

depends a lot on your physiology

Of COVID? That virus is still around

One day you’ll understand Magnetophoresis and Superparamagnetic nanoparticles, you silly faggot. You are literally clowning yourself over a technology that already exists and is clearly being used in some capacity. Study up, your slow brain will get there eventually.

dude … just stop.

you are now at orcus level of embarrassment…
50 year old ( see old ) should most likely stay away from the jabs

just say it…

it is being outcompeted by omicron

and the original CV most likely would have run its course much like SARS1 did years ago… Remember the one that we didnt shut down the world for?

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me: you are on the bubble!
you: why do you disagree with the doc who says i am on the bubble!
me: that’s not a disagreement
you: you really don’t think i am on the bubble!

talking to you normally goes this way, btw.

lol way to back track… I’m not on the bubble I told you i was 47 and mat was talking 50 year olds

but lets say 50 is the bubble

Can you in good faith agree right now that 50 year fairly healthy people SHOULD NOT get the jab?

you claim to be healthy and claim to have had covid twice. those were inputs that lead to my assessment. the same assessment as a medical doctor.

now, you only want to emphasize that you are old and feeble.

again, you always do this shit. you are the last person to talk about discussions in good faith. i don’t know what “fairly healthy” means. you would get the same sort of answer from the good dr.

just say it VH - if you agree with the doc - most 50 year olds dont need the jab

or do you need to spin, deflect, all that good shit

nonsense. most 50 year olds have something going on with their health that would tip the scales the other way.

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Fascinating rebuttal.

It’s undeniable that the vaccine works well at preventing serious illness in people. Unless you think the hospitalization numbers are faked.

Unvaxxed are much more likely to be hospitalized. Death rates have gone down everywhere the vaccine has been given …

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it is only undeniable if youre an unthinking idiot

There’s much more evidence and data that supports the idea that the Covid vaccines work against preventing serious illness and death, than there is evidence against that idea.

You’re stance is that it’s just a random correlation lol. Complete intellectual dishonesty tbh

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yet our resident Dr Expert would disagree.

Soooo I’ll just keep on using you as a baseline for what is right or wrong

If im on the fence i’ll look to you… If you take one side of the position, i;; assume the other side is the correct

Appreciate you being so fucking stupid. you really are doing gods work


“evidence” is not proof

we know people with and without vaxx end up in the icu so there is obviously a potential factor outside of vaccination that they all have in common.

it is intellectually dishonest to present correlation as causation.

my way, the intellectually honest way, leaves room for further investigation

your definitive claim does not

you might even understand this since its a cartoon

to accept the conclusion as you provide as true you have to accept three logical fallacies

  1. false cause fallacy
  2. post hoc fallacy
  3. argument from authority fallacy

so you’re preaching about a logically flawed conclusion and calling everyone with valid disagreements intellectually dishonest. let’s face it, you dont even know what that means. maybe just stick to throwing a ball through a hoop, thinking isnt really your speed