Inside Delta Force

 Picked this gem up and so far its fantastic.

It's the story of how and why Delta force was born told through the eyes of Eric Haney who was one of 12 guys out of 168 to make the first selection.

He tells about the selection process, missions, etc from his point of view (an NCO)

Great read and worth checking out.

That's next on my list

Just read "Kill Bin Laden" by a Delta major who led the hunt for OBL in Tora Bora-- great read also, gives a lot of insight into how those guys work plus all the friction with DOD, CIA, etc

Amazing stuff, those guys are such complete badasses

 Awesome. Thanks, I will check that one out next. Reading the stories from men who have been there is truly the best way to get the picture of what really happens behind the lines.

OK, "Inside Delta" was awesome

The parts describing all their training for assaulting was really interesting. All the stuff about how they learned espionage and every skill under the sun was awesome

I hear Haney was pretty much ostracized for divulging so much info, but I'm glad we got to read it

"Kill Bin Laden" is a good read if you want to see about these guys in action, and get a good sense of the interaction between Delta, CIA, Army SF, etc

Just read "Delta Force" by Charlie Beckwith (the founder). A lot of it is about his Vietnam experience, and all the years of him trying to form an SAS-style counter-terrorism unit dealing with the bureaucracy shit in the Army. "Inside Delta" was cooler.

I've read it multiple times. It's a fantastic book. I'd recommend it to anybody.

I liked this one. A little underwhelming, but good nonetheless.

Just bought this book based on this thread

I'm about 100 pages into it. He's just passed selection. It's cool to me how much they've fine tuned the selection process to this point. He said that the pass rate was around 7% for his class, which remains one of the highest rates even now.

Similar read to Marcinko (sp) books IMO.