Inside hip pain

In the next segment of ask the OG for medical advice...i have pain on the inside of my left hip whenever i play basketball. Been like that since at least i was 18. (I don't pay much anymore) What the hell is wrong with me?


Hip impingement....or aids.

sand in your vagina

Pretjah - sand in your vagina
It's just left of the vagina but in the general area.

Herpes of the hip



See a good Dr.

My wife has an impingement, and was having pain.

First two docs said surgery right away.

Went to HSS and they fixed her up without surgery.

She has run severl marathons and untra marathons since without issue.

Surgery isn't always the best or only option.

In case you are near us, this is the Dr she saw with great results. He is supposed to be one of the best in the world.

Thanks Ned. Im all about not getting cut open. ill check it out and I guess actually see a doctor.

probably a spider that crawled inside your weiner whole. now has layed it's eggs inside you and they are slowly hatching over time

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