Inside Info Gannon x Kimbo

This is not a troll job so save your shit talk. Sean Gannon is a friend of mine and he is waiting and ready. Whatever happens, it cannot be denied that Gannon has big balls for taking this fight with these kind of rules.

Guys are waiting for Kimbo to show up as we speak. Location is undisclosed. Should be going down in next half hour. Apparently Kimbo was seen in hotel nearby so it should be on.

Rules are:

No going to the ground (30 seconds to allow oppt to get up)

No kicks are allowed

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no ground ??

Wow, surprised that Gannon was OK with those rules - can't wait to catch this when I get home from work!

Yes, no ground. The person has option to say stop while fighting on the ground and he can get up. If he is knocked out, he is knocked out.

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Once you have your password on the site,, how the fuck do you find where the fight is on the site?

No ground i can understand but NO KICKS???

THATS BULLSHIT! Kimbo is a pussy.

I thought it was supposed to be a real fight. Why no ground work?
I still hope Kimbo gets slapped around and exposed.

(30 seconds to allow oppt to get up)

What does this mean? If it goes to the ground, u have 30 seconds to submit the guy?

It is pretty much old school boxing rules except no rounds. So no gouging or cheap shit like that. Nothing was said about knees or elbows so I believe that is a go as well.

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WTF are there rules for?! This is supposed to be a street fight.

30 second count as opposed to 10 second in regular boxing.

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lol at MAF calling anyone a troll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously Kimbo is not schooled on the ground, he wants it to be a stand up streetfight so there ya go. Once again, props to Gannon for stepping up. He just wants to fight Kimbo and beat him at his own game.

30 seconds to get up means if person gets knocked down, they have 30 seconds to get back up.

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i just watched a Gannon fight first time i ever saw him The whole fight was standing and brawling he dont look like he wants ground either and has heavy hands

I wish it was a straight no rules fight too. Kimbo definitely has the advantage because of the rules.

There is one camera allowed in there so I asssume it is the one that is going to be used to broadcast it. Not sure if it will be live though.

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kenflo can you please confirm what type of camera it is?

And will the fight be on concrete or in some ring or something??


Not sure why I am even responding but this is info from people who are there right now waiting for Kimbo to show up. Are you there waiting for Kimbo? Did you negotiate the rules for the fight? Do you even know where they are fighting? Are you friends with Gannon?

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Rules sound good to me. Let the better man win.

Will have updates here as soon as I get them.

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kenflo please answer the questions i axed!