Inside leg kicks = underrated until UFC 103

I was loving the fight with Dos Anjos, utilizing one of my favorite techniques.

I remember in a thread not too long ago, people were bagging the inside leg kick, saying they were only for setting things up and didn't do any real damage.

They are harder to block then an outside leg kick, quicker when done off the lead leg, and often lead to off balancing an opponent or get them to drop their hands slightly which leads in nicely to a big overhand right.

Not since Crocop vs Yoshida/Barry vs Evensen or even Ruas vs Varlens have I been that pleased with the use of leg kicks. Entertaining stuff, hope to see more.

Even worse were the people calling for the inside leg kick to be banned because once every blue moon one slips up and hits the balls.

Very nice utilisation of the inside leg kicks by Dos Anjos, very impressive performance.

anyone got a pic of Emerson's leg? Only got to see it for a second when they hit the mat, and it looked bad.

 Anytime you have an orthodox and a southpaw fighters who want to stand, the inside kick will be a factor.

2 same leads not so much..  but when you can get that rear leg to the inside thigh.. yeow..

Where can I watch this fight?

They weren't done off the lead leg by Dos Anjos, but they were sweet....with crocop on the card who woulda thought that this woulda been the highlight of kicks?....

Griffin was also doing a very nice job of landing inside leg kicks on Franca with his back leg.  Hermes would pick up his leg to check the outside kick and Tyson would shoot right under it and crack the other leg.

That said, very few fighters are accurate enough to land inside leg kicks consistently without punting their opponents in the junk.  I think the penalty for nut shots should be increased.  An automatic point deduction might get fighters to be more serious about working on the technique and accuracy of their kicks/knees.  Of course, the worry is that guys will try and take advantage of the rule by faking, but IMO it is worth the risk.