Inside Scoop: Re Liddell...

Chack has 3 goals before retirement...

Holds gun to the head of DanielD230

Spill it!...

Fight Silva

to KO Tito again and fuck Jenna

Ban, IMO.

at least one of them should be easy...

Tito...yeah yeah...what's the other two??

beat tito, rampage, silva.

what do i win besides confirmation?

  1. defeat Silva.

  2. beat Tito again.

  3. move up a class and win the heavyweight belt.

overEZ got #1...

1) Fight Tito for the $$$ (doesn't see a threat)

2) Rampage rematch in UFC... dahosse...

3 won't be that easy!

you suck

Chadda? where'd you hear #3?

Chack doesn't have any faith that the Silva fight will happen and isn't counting on it.

Heavyweight title?

3) Win a fight by submission

I had that tshirt!!...And book bag!...Fonzy rules!

lol @ xshanex, the music connoisseur


To lose his gut?