Inside TUF 7: Matt Brown's Blog

Inside TUF 7: Matt Brown's Blog - 4/21/2008
by Matt Brown

 Matt Brown out of the JG MMA Academy in Ohio fought his way onto The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 but he’s making it a breeze for InsideFighting readers to get an inside look at what it's like to be a competitor on the show. Beginning this week, Matt will post his thoughts on the most recently aired episode. He begins now with a look at Episode 3 where Teams Forrest and Rampage were composed and the first tournament fight went down


 "I also think Forrest is a better coach than he realizes. He came in thinking he was a terrible coach and didn’t have experience and all that but I thought he did a great job."

 You got it hugo, thanks for reading and posting! I think Matt did an excellent job as well


 Enjoyed the blog very much...thanks for posting!