Joe Lauzon gets a day out of the office

It's been four hours since lunch, there's an hour until you get to leave and for two hours you've done nothing but alternately watch the seconds tick off of the clock, stare at the sterile white wall it's mounted on and read through the entire year of the "Dilbert" calendar on your desk. You are at work, in the office and you'd much rather be somewhere else.

Joe Lauzon has worked as an IT professional, in an office, full time since graduating from college a little over a year ago. In that time he just also has happened to knock out a former UFC world champion, appear on a nationally televised reality show and become a house hold name among fight fans. And that is because in addition to being a hard working 9-5er, Joe is also a mixed martial artist (MMA) on the UFC roster.

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go to bed joe!

you are fighting fudgie tommorrow!


Freaking 8:00 here. I'll be up until 1 or 2 eating and rehydrating.

How much were you making working IT?

Good enough money where its not easy to walk away... even though I could be living in Hawaii training full-time...


dude you are young

default on the loans or ask dana to pay them off

and deduct a % from your future fights towards the loans

you are a star joe

could be a super star!

Give us a prediction Joe. How are you going to end it?




you are the best kid!

the besttt!

I can't help but think about how cool of a place this forum is, and how much of a fan-friendly fighter Joe is, when I see this. It's the night before a big fight and here is a high-caliber fighter on a public message board rapping with fans. MMA is still a very fun world because of things like this.

And yeah, I don't think the InsideFighting article is too bad either. Thanks for posting Sr. Lauzon.

Don't smoke Marlboros like Baroni, it hurts you stamina. And good luck in your fight, put the elbows to the head, not to the mat. :)

Good luck, Joe.  i don't think you'll need it, but...

If you come and train in Hawaii full time, you could make decent money training people in between fights. I'd bet on that. Food for thought.

Chris DIamond

and the food he means is spam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not the kind you are used too

the meat product known as spam!

Great article. Comes across as well reasoned and very focused.

"Give us a prediction Joe. How are you going to end it?"


Glad you enjoyed it BB. Thanks for reading