Insider messages on Facebook piss me off

Example, this bitch writes, "Honestly, I've never been happier!"

Then some other bitches write shit like, "I'm happy for you!" and "We should get together soon!"

What the fuck is this bitch so happy about? Phone Post 3.0

Man, I could not be more pleased at the moment! Just so thrilled with what just happened.


"I guess you find out who really cares in the end.." bitch stfu with that attention seeking shit!

Vaguebooking is annoying. Phone Post 3.0

the only reply to that should be


"that's what she said(and by she i mean you friday night)"

Comment on her status "Fuck you, Cunt."

the only thing worse than vague happiness is vague anger


"you know who i'm talking to, because you just know, and what you did, i can't believe , you would do that, i'm so angry that you are such a person, that would do such a thing!



TTT Phone Post 3.0

I used to feel the same way as OP. But now I couldn't care less. Who gives a shit. There is nothing to be gained from letting stuff like that piss you off. It's facebook ffs.

I ain't mad, bro Phone Post 3.0