Insomnia? How do you fight it?

Cant sleep and this is two nights in a row. Called in to work, since I'm not going to risk my own, or my co-workers' lives because I'm loopy.

Do any of you ever get this problem? If so, how do you combat it? Thanks in advance.

i've been dealing with this for roughly 10 years now and generally
it's because i can't keep my mind from racing. overly fixated
mental problem solving...

most often the only thing i can do is "ride it out" and spend a few
days as a complete zombie until i crash... try not to crash until a
few hours before a "normal" bedtime, otherwise your sleep
schedule will be backwards and you'll have to start over again.

when i don't have the time to "ride it out" the best things i've
found to help me get mentally relaxed enough to fall asleep have
been things that require little-to-no conscious and physical
involvement. often though it's the exact opposite and only after
"dealing" with those things am i relaxed enough to sleep.

things which have _not_ worked well:

1. valerian root. gastric problems aren't good when you have

2. sex. a nice short term solution which sometimes helps me fall
asleep, but then i often wake up an hour or so later and then have
my insomnia and feel even more exhausted... sometimes though
zombie sex will do the trick...

3. otc sleepaids. nothing is worse than not being able to sleep
when there's a chemical in your body trying to "make" you. this
can be pure hell.

4. other chemicals. same as #3, but can be a short term solution,
but i often wake up after a few hours feeling even more tired.

some things which _have_ helped:

1. complete darkness + complete silence.

2. complete darkness + relaxing (simple) music. simple music
being something that is slow enough, but also melodic enough for
you to be able to latch on to a particular instrument or melody to
kind of "hypnotize" yourself.

3. gentle massage.

4. deep breathing.

5. Zombie Jiu-Jitsu (tm). i generally perform horribly, but putting
myself in auto pilot while rolling can be mentally relaxing enough
to "zero" my thoughts.

"it's all in your head."

this post is too long... but this generally happens when i've not
slept for a few days... i'd like some insomnia-solving advice too :)

fucking pigeons are awake... blarg.

Try reading your post, it put me to sleep. Just kidding, sounds like a tough problem. Have you tried benadryl, one hour before sleep?

No, I'm not depressed. I've always been pretty laid back and not one to feel "down" very often. Thankfully.

Try howardo's advice. Antihistamines like Benadryl and doxylamine sulfate work quite well and they're not as habit-forming as benzodiazepines.


god I hate that sentance so much, its so damn vague.

Anyway try getting more, regular exercise and more sunlight during the day.

/"Try reading your post, it put me to sleep. Just kidding, sounds
like a tough problem. Have you tried benadryl, one hour before

I actually crashed and slept for 10 hours shortly after writing it! :)

In college i used to take benadryl which worked at first but then
after a few times is just made me really groggy but still unable to

I read maybe a year ago, in the New Yorker, an article about a
prescription nearing FDA approval given to military pilots who had
to fly long distances. if i remember correctly, i think that the drug
effects a chemical in the brain which makes it so that one can go
for extremtly long periods of no sleep but remain fully alert and
still be able to easily fall asleep when desired.

anyone know what I'm talking about? it sounds like the holy grail
of sleep aids...

TheGregor- gotcha. understand now.

Don't go to bed unless you are tired... avoid other activities in bed (TV, reading, etc.)

If you need a sleep aid, get an Rx. Restoril does not make me wake-up feeling groggy. I only use it about once every 2 weeks. (It was a daily thing when I was fighting and breaking up with the female - Pu$$y is worse than heroin.)

Also, if it is stess related. Do something about an hour before bed to deal with it. Write a to do list. Think about the problem and solution in a separate room. Whatever works with you.

1 and 3 help with the environmental triggers. You want to associate one location with rest and relaxation. The others are for dealing with everything else.

Watch the Kimo-Severn fight every nite: put me to sleep last nite, it is pride 1

The Kimo-Severn fight may very well be the most powerful sedative known to man. Use with extreme caution...excessive viewing may lead to severe CNS depression and coma.

i did some searching. the drug i was talking about is called

an article at:

another at:

ZMASS will give you deeper sleep. Try it.

A heavy weights workout and then a long, hot shower seems to work pretty well. The total muscle exhaustion seems to stop the mind racing. Also, try sleeping in a dark but not pitch black room. I find that if i'm lying there and i open my eyes but can't see anything because its pitch black, my brain starts coming up with things to think about, and then starts racing. When I can see stuff outlined in the darkness my mind just absorbes that simple image and it doesn't spur thoughts about lots of other stuff.

I am serious about Kimo-Severn

Watch the movie "gods and generals" holy crap that will put you to sleep.

a few hits of chronic, peace

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"follow your girlfriend and see if she is or isn't screwing around on you already."

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I appreciate all the advice here fellas. Seriously. It's not a regular occurrance for me thankfully. Just for a few days there. All is well now, but I'll remember some of these suggestions if it comes back.