Inspirational, feel good family movies

Sometimes nothing beats a good inspirational upbeat family movie.  It's good to keep up spirits and that anything can be overcome.

Currently on Netflix is Walk. Ride. Rodeo

Sure, it's not a huge blockbuster but it is a good family movie

Trailer below:

Revolutionary Road

Not sure why that didnt embed right

House of Sand and Fog

The Road

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I Spit On Your Grave

Milo and Otis

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Robocop: The heartwarming story of how the Murphy family overcomes patriarch Alex Murphy's shocking workplace injuries and miracle recovery! 

Honorable mention for a tv mini-series: Masada

Good boys, it’s rated R but you can watch it with the family. I watched it with my 17 and 13 year olds and we all loved it. From the makers of Superbad but instead of high school these kids are going to middle school, they have an epic adventure. 

School of Cock

Chitty Chitty Gang Bang


Holy Mountain


Ghost Of Don Logan -



Big Fish

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CuddleBug -

Big Fish

I like that movie

The squid and the whale...



Laura linney is kind of fine... Underated cutie, imo... I've always liked her...

Bet she looks good in missionary...

Just watched Ace Ventura: Pet Detective a month or so ago.  Daughter (12) said it was the funniest movie she's ever seen and the wife and I enjoyed it again too.  25 years later, it holds up well.

Not really inspirational but we all felt good after watching it.

Galaxy Quest (1999)