I'm over in the UK on holidays at the moment and managed to find a local grappling tournament to have a roll around in. One of the guys I rolled with who incidentally entered his own division and the division above his weight is totally blind. He had to be led on to the mat and we started from a clinch position. Once the grapple started he was pretty competitive, had pretty good technique and fantastic body awareness.
Quite a humbling experience. Whenever I'm feeling too sore, too old or too tired he is definitely who I am going to think of for inspiration.

Anyway next roll will be in Belfast where I've found a couple of guys to roll with.

p.s. gidday Robbo, Stewie and Michael (who has managed to get a grapple in Iceland)

Sounds like your having fun! Have fun in Ireland :-)

Hey Maryanne. Are you back in Aus yet? How was L.A.?

The Thursday night no-gi class at Roger's gym in London is quite good. BJJ black belts all the way down to white. A really good roll.

Hey Mate,

Sounds like you might be having too much fun to me, I think it might be time we swapped places, especially if you're going to be in Ireland.

Travel safe, and make sure you bring me something nice, preferably a Pint:D


Try to find Roberto Atalla if you can. I trained with him for about 6 months when I was in London. Here is a list of affiliated clubs -

Thanks for all the tips guys. Off to do the three peaks tomorrow morning - Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis one after the other.

Bear, I think I need the pint more than you. Mind you too many more of these "full english breakfasts" and I will be in your weight division when I get back.

Cheers JJ

"Hey Maryanne. Are you back in Aus yet? How was L.A.?"

Still here for another couple of days. Looking forward to getting home though :-)

Cheers, Maryanne.

How's the trip going JJ?

Hey Maryanne, back on the weekend. Looking forward to a grapple. Go easy on the old bloke ok.

There is a Judo guy in Tasmania, who is almost completely blind. Word is once he gets grips he is impossible to stop, crazy balance and tactile response!

Who you talkin' bout, Gerald?

Oh, and what's your e-mail? I want to harrass you about the plyometrics routine you talked about on InfiniteMMA.

Lightheavyweight, did you speak with any of the guys who have trained the blind guy? the only reason why I ask is my mother teaches brail (only about 12% vision herself) she teaches some young guys 20ys etc who have lost their vision either over time or in car accidents and also a person who is blind and deaf. As you can imagine there is not alot of activity a blind and deaf person can do. fishing is one, but I have been thinking for a while about possibly getting them on the mat. Just on an odd weekend to see if they like the idea..anyone else tried getting a blind person into wrestling?

Hi Hocus
The Guy who organised gthe tournament would have contact details for the guy I fought's coach. If you email me at I will send you his details.