INSPIRIT Shorts: What's The Deal?

I know this may be a lil abnoxious, but

What's up with the Inspirit Shorts that Shooto Guys are rocking? How can I order a pair? Well, First, What are they like? Can I get them in Neat-o colors?

Please no "Sprawl, Blah, Blah, Blah". I've got them, I love them, They are so good to me because they fit well, hold up and dont make me feel nervous cause I'm not wearing something skimpy.

Where you been hippie? :-)

What's up man? How was your Holidays? Did you get to watch Pride?

I've been terrible with times and dates. I walked all the way over to the
AAC yesterday in the slush thinking it was wednsday :-(. I'll bring over
these new body weight calesthenics books I picked up. I hope you
watched pride. It was freaking awesome. Hope everything's good!

"How can I order a pair?"

You'd have to do it through Inpirit Japan

"Can I get them in Neat-o colors? "

Probably not. They sell them in black and blue to the public,but most fighters in Shooto have their stuff custom made.