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Received any unsolicited text messages lately?

sasha Grey vibes

Is that real?


Coming To America Lol GIF by HBO Max


Talk about a person who has become dumber with age. She and Ron Perlman are the epitome of woke celebrity dumbasses.

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Leave the puppy alone. Got him at a weird moment. This thread is a lot of whooo cares.

This is almost as bad as dating apps. I’ve met girls who I wouldn’t of guessed was the same person if it wasn’t for her saying my name!


Look at her left arm in the top pic.

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Man I used to be pretty dismissive about this idea that models set unrealistic expectations for young girls but I’ll happily admit I was wrong when it comes to modern social media.

The models of the 90s had some moderate airbrushing etc but the images of extreme photoshopping and filters that young girls get bombarded with these days is fucking toxic


Damn, she’s beat

Seeking banned my account for stating in my profile: “I can’t photo shop my wallet, cars, or houses, so if you have more than one photoshopped picture it’s a deal breaker. You can’t look like a perch with a wig on and expect a rich guy to pretend you look like one of the Kardashians when you look like Dusty Rhodes”. I was then suspended. When I came back I put in the title "This place should be changed to SeekingCatfish

That was the last straw. I’m now banned for life.


Those sugar dating sites are pure garbage anymore. Just chicks trying to find someone to cashapp them some money without ever meeting lol.

Yea it sucks. They all just sit there live streaming doing absolutely nothing. “Help me reach my goal for the day of 20k diamonds.” You get retards that send them money to be mods haha I always just troll the fuck out of them. “Let me guess after you reach your goal of 20k diamonds, you beg for another 20k.” It’s a fucking joke.

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Ya but your my hero. Well played vtfu

Yeah and there are losers that will send them money. Guys have completely fucked things up and have no one to blame but themselves

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You troll people on sugar dating sites? Why are you on there in the first place?

Not sugar dating sites haha. Every app has that shit. Twitch, MeetMe, Skout, and just about every other streaming platform. Skout used to be really good for meeting girls but now it’s all focused on streaming. The apps take a chunk of the money you earn so they don’t give a fuck about people hooking up. They want you streaming so they get $$$

Beauty and the Beast. Though I’m not sure, who’s the beast nowadays!