Installing a SSD

I'm out of space on my computer hard drive.  I have a 1 gig (I think) SSD I ordered some time ago but never got around to installing it.  Anything in particular I need to do?  Last time I installed a (non-SSD) hard drive you had to (i) make sure to jumper it correctly, partition it, then format it.  Can I just plug it in and partition and format it from Windows (whatever the newest one is)?  

Thanks for any help!

Plug one ond of the SATA cable into your motherboard, the other into the SSD. You can do it!

Thanks for having faith in me brohem. Wish I had that much faith in myself! What about partitioning and formatting? Still needed or an extinct dinasour at this point? Thanks.

1 gig is nothing. 

I opened up my tower, mounted my SSD in the case, plugged in a SATA cable and a power cable and it was ready to go.

You shouldn't have to worry about formatting and shit. Just plug it in and it should show up. 

K, thanks guys.  Might try to install it tonight.  Will report back.