Installing new OS... help!!!

I am running Windows ME on one of my computers. I want to format the hard drive and put Windows XP on it. I am already using XP on another computer. I was going to use the same disk and registration number.

Can I do that? Will it cause conficts when I download updates to windows?

Thanks in advance!

yes you can do that

Actually, I don't know if you can.

Windows XP has some interesting piracy protection built in. When you "activate" the software, it will recognize that you've installed the software on a different computer than you originally did, therefore not letting you activate it on a second machine.

I believe there is a way to crack it, but I'm not exactly sure how. Good luck, though. If it works let us know how you did it.

i got Windows XP Pro from a friend who is also running it on his computer. It's been about a year now and no problems


Can you get updates with the copy?

yup, no problems so far