Installing Webcams in a pub


I've been asked to install 3 web cams with live internet feeds in my local. I've never done anything like this before and have a couple of questions.

I've done a little web research on the best and the best value for money Webcams but have any of you got a favourite?

They'll all be connected to the same computer which has about half a dozen USB ports (I don't know why, it just does) am I likely to have any problems running 3 seperate cams from the same PC?

Is there a limit on the length of USB cable extensions? If so, what is the limit? If it's too short what alternatives do I have?

For the feed, I'm thinking of using but they want it to be password protected so that only certain people can see it, anyone recommend a free site for live feeds?



For USB length, check out,24330,3370002,00.html

some Dlink Wireless webcam would be the best to install and easiest most likely

Thanks guys, I'll check that out

np, hope it works out

i think USB has signal lose after 20 or 30 feet

and if more USB ports is needed, just grab a USB hub

I used a program called Active webcam and had two streams open.

It depends alot of how fast of a stream you'd like to have as well, and the uplink connection.

I'd figure a shot every few seconds would be good enough?

Fin is the Man

knows his shit

Thanks Fin, I'll look up Active Webcam