Instant Pots Are For Chicks, Air Fryers Are For Dudes

They are new names for old tools.

Old French and hispanic grandmas have been crushing dinners in pressure cookers since the 17th century. I like the instant pot because I don’t have a ticking time bomb rocking back and forth on my burner. If you called it “electric pressure cooker” no one would buy it, call it an Instant Pot and get a few mommy bloggers posting on instagram and you are drinking vintage Krug on a yacht in Miami.

Air fryers are just convection toaster ovens with a different shape and name, and marketed to fat people to feel better about eating so many mozzarella sticks, pizza rolls, reheated dominos, and French fries.

“My crispy fries come out better than deep frying!” no shit, you know Ora Ida dips them in oil before freezing them right?

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I have old school pressure cookers too, I love my Afghan Kazan but I also like the ease of the electric pressure cooker. Air fryers are nice for crisping things and faster than a regular oven. If I have time I prefer old school methods, but these are basically the has grills of kitchen appliances for indoors, its about convenience

Who’s breaking out a deep fryer for pizza rolls and mozzarella sticks? Nobody, they’re using the oven. Apply your own logic here. Call it a miniature convection oven and nobody would buy it. Call it an air fryer and have some fattys rave about it and it’s a hit. And in terms of what it’s actually replacing it does a better job. I’m sure your stew is perfectly yummy out of your fancy upscale IP. Is it better than that same recipe from a pot? Nope. Are my AF pizza rolls or chicken wings better than the “oven fried” ones off of a baking sheet? Yup. Add to it you can improvise with an AF and my ten year old can fix himself a corn dog or cockporn shrimp or that broccoli I mentioned when he wants to cook his own food then the differences are even more stark.

Go ahead, make up your own IP dish, decide you want something a little more done or use a little less water than a recipe calls for, see how it tastes.

Everybody’s saying how they can make top notch food with pressure which nobody disputes. Yeah you can make yummy stew and chili in it because stew and chili is fucking yummy. It doesn’t do a better job than what it’s replacing. An air fryer does

Sorry if I triggered your emotions.

Anair fryer doesn’t replace a convection oven. It is the same thing. Also, don’t bake your pizza rolls on a cookie sheet. Bake them on a rack on the cookie sheet.

What the fuck is that? And why do you feed it to a child?

My instant pot duo crisp +air fry makes perfect wings and rings!

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It replaces an oven. Which does an inferior job with pizza rolls regardless of where you put them. Can’t say about large high end convection ovens but from what limited time I’ve had on my parents’ regular convection I’m so far underwhelmed with those too

Lol. It’s what I’ve called it since forever and got in trouble with the wife when my kid referred to his popcorn shrimp that way when he was little.

Zned dropping culinary truths here.

Is your parents “convection oven” a mode on their traditional oven? Does it automatically make temperature adjustments for that mode? Ive found those corrections are never perfect and usually use a flat 25°F temperature adjustment. I find that temperature works at 350°F but needs to be increased as you increase the temp and decreased as you lower it.

My convection oven is a magic machine. But it wasnt cheap either.

Yeah it’s a convertable I guess. I’ve never messed with it enough to hammer out any quirks but all that sounds plausible. I know they didn’t spend big bucks on it. If yours is comparible to an AF then its only benefits to you would be not heating up the house, which is a big perk in the hotass texas heat

Its just a convection oven and an electronic pressure cooker.

Air fryers are for bar food appetizers

Pizza Rolls Burn GIF by Totino's

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Thank you. Like I said, they’re for dudes.